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After getting all your equipment into place, it’s time to set up your live channel.This can be done in your Da Cast account or another service.It’s important to have a reliable internet connection when live streaming.

A CDN ensures that your content will be broadcasted live all over the globe without clogging your servers.

What if these users already have Skype ready alternatives they use on a regular basis?

Would it make sense to buy Kinect just to do what any high end web cam today can do on Skype?

No, even I as a heavy Kinect user personally feel my webcam outperforms Kinect as it captures more lightfor example, making me wholly viewable on just the glow of my display during late night calls. Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!

Kinect does not do that all that well so therefore the best course of action is to enable USB Webcams for use on Skype with Xbox One. We've added a bunch of ideas that you can now vote on both in the Feature Area forum and in the Clubs & LFG category of the New Ideas forum!

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In fact, many animal live streams are done with no audio at all.

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